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Destinator PN is the perfect satellite navigation solution for your PDA. PN is available as software only, bundled with a Serial, CF or Bluetooth GPS receiver or for a complete solution: bundled with a PDA and GPS receiver.
The X371 powered by Destinator ND is the easy to use all in one satellite navigation solution. Simply plug it in, turn it on, enter your destination and let Destinator guide you there.

Whether you travel by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot, Destinator has the solution to satisfy your mobile mood.

Destinator's products for personal navigation make it fun, safe, and simple for anyone to get anywhere at anytime. Destinator's navigation software enables users to preplan trips to any destination, avoid toll routes, and get step-by-step directions to a favorite restaurant or other point of interest.

Destinator will save time and money by guiding you through the shortest or quickest route. With petrol prices on the rise, Destinator is the indispensable tool for sales and delivery people. With Destinator you can optimise your route and maximize your day.

Destinator has been designed with the user in mind. Its easy to learn and easy to operate. It comes with built-in voice prompts to guide you through every highway exit and every turn.

Destinator has no monthly or activation fees, nor does it require installation in the vehicle. Just select or input your destination and hit the road with confidence and safety. You'll never have to ask for directions again or fumble with paper maps. Get where you're going faster, easier, and safer than ever. Should you make a wrong turn, RELAX - Destinator will automatically recalculate the best new route to your destination. Keep your eyes on the road and follow voice instructions and enjoy the ride!

Download the Destinator WM5 patch here